A healthy marriage requires a healthy foundation. At Resonate Church, we're passionate about healthy marriages that are centered on Jesus, bring glory to God, and are a lifelong friendship that grow every year. For those who are dating and considering marriage, or who are engaged, we have a pre-marriage program that includes counseling, opportunities to get to know yourself and your potential spouse better to make sure you are a good fit, and to help in planning your wedding.

Marriage was created by God for the display of His glory and for the joy of His creatures. Through this gift, we are called to consider not only God’s covenantal love but also His incredible patience and unconditional mercy toward His beloved. Because this takes effort and intentionality, we strongly encourage engaged couples to supplement their marriage preparation through formal premarital counseling.

We ask that you give at least six months before you're wedding date. We will assign you a marriage mentor couple. We ask that couples meet with their marriage mentors at least three times during pre-marital counseling in addition to completing the workbook and attending general sessions. 

If you are interested in getting married please download this marriage application and fill it out and email it to

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As part of Pre-Martial Counseling at Resonate we will walk through Preparing for Marriage by

General Editor Dennis Rainey

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